2015 NFL Predictions!

With the NFL season less than two weeks away, it’s time for a post with 2015 NFL predictions!  Going into this season, there are a lot of open questions on a lot of teams.  Many teams, such as the Bills and Jets, have made some key defensive acquisitions to improve, but still may lack a legitimate quarterback to compete.  We’ll provide predictions on how things will play out this year including our Super Bowl prediction!  Please keep in mind that these are strictly my opinions and I don’t expect that you’ll agree with all of them.

AFC East

1. New England Patriots  11-5

2. Miami Dolphins  9-7

3. Buffalo Bills  7-9

4. New York Jets  6-10

AFC North

1. Pittsburgh Steelers  11-5

2. Baltimore Ravens  10-6

3. Cincinnati Bengals  8-8

4. Cleveland Browns  5-11

AFC South

1. Indianapolis Colts  12-4

2. Houston Texans  9-7

3. Tennessee Titans  5-11

4. Jacksonville Jaguars  3-13

AFC West

1. Kansas City Chiefs  12-4

2. Denver Broncos  10-6

3.  San Diego Chargers 7-9

4.  Oakland Raiders  6-10

AFC Wild Card Games:

Pittsburgh over Denver; New England over Baltimore

AFC Divisional Round Games:

New England over Indianapolis; Pittsburgh over Kansas City

AFC Championship Game:

Pittsburgh over New England

NFC East

1. Dallas Cowboys  13-3

2. New York Giants  7-9

3. Philadelphia Eagles  6-10

4. Washington Redskins  4-12

NFC North

1. Green Bay Packers  11-5

2. Detroit Lions  9-7

3. Minnesota Vikings  7-9

4. Chicago Bears  5-11

NFC South

1. Atlanta Falcons  9-7

2. Carolina Panthers  9-7

3. New Orleans Saints  7-9

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers  2-14

NFC West

1. Seattle Seahawks  12-4

2. St. Louis Rams  10-6

3. Arizona Cardinals  8-8

4. San Francisco 49ers  6-10

NFC Wild Card Games:

St. Louis over Atlanta; Green Bay over Detroit

NFC Divisional Round Games:

Dallas over St. Louis; Seattle over Green Bay

NFC Championship Game:

Dallas over Seattle

Super Bowl:

Dallas over Pittsburgh

This will be the year that Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys reach their full potential.  They play in a relatively weak division in the NFC East.  This will help them secure home field advantage in the playoffs and take down the Seahawks at home in the NFC Title Game.  In the AFC, Pittsburgh and New England will have a more difficult time securing home field.  Indianapolis and Kansas City will be the teams earning the first round byes.  The Pats and Steelers will meet in the AFC Title Game with the Steelers prevailing.  The Super Bowl will be the Cowboys against the Steelers with the Cowboys winning Super Bowl 50!

Here are some additional predictions for this season.

1.  Andrew Luck will be the NFL MVP.  Luck will make another step forward during the regular season this year.  He’ll throw 40+ TD’s and throw for over 5,000 yards.  However, this will not be the year he takes the next step forward in the playoffs!  Until this team improves on defense and, more specifically, with tackling they will not win a Super Bowl.

2.  Eddie Lacy will lead the NFL in rushing and touchdowns.  With the loss of Jordy Nelson, the Packers will look to the run the ball a bit more.  In addition, the Packers will continue to put up a lot of points with Lacy getting all of the goal line work.

3.  Julio Jones will lead the NFL in receiving yards.  Jones is quickly emerging into one of the top three wide receivers in the league.  It’s between him, Dez Bryant, and Antonio Brown.  Jones will work his way to the top this year as Matt Ryan’s main target.

4.  The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be the worst team in the NFL.  Sorry, I’m just not buying in on Jameis Winston.  This team continues to disappoint year after year and decade after decade.  Some things never change.

5.  Rob Gronkowski will score 20 touchdowns this season.  Gronkowski continues to dominate the TE position and it will be no different this year.  He is the top red zone threat in the game and the Patriots will continue to feed him the ball in these situations.

6.  Amari Cooper will win the NFL Rookie of the Year Award.  Expect Cooper to quickly gain a connection with David Carr and put up over 1,000 receiving yards along with 10+ TD’s.

7.  Matt Cassell will struggle as the Bills starting quarterback.  Expect E.J Manual to take over as the Bills starting quarterback by mid-season.  Cassell just hasn’t done enough to prove he’s a legitimate starting quarterback and that won’t change this year.

8.  Sam Bradford will disappoint in Philadelphia.  Bradford has never had a quality NFL season.  The trade with Nick Foles was a bit confusing as they already had a quarterback who led them to a division title.  They traded him for a quarterback who has never produced at a high level.

9.  The St. Louis Rams will have the #1 defense in the NFL.  The Rams are going to be challenging the Seahawks this year as the best defense in the league and they’ll eventually overtake them.  Led by an impressive pass rush, the Rams D will lead them to a playoff appearance this year.

10. Ryan Tannehill will make it to the Pro Bowl this year.  Tannehill has made solid strides each season in his NFL career.  This season, he will make another leap and be the third best quarterback in the AFC behind Luck and Tom Brady.

We’ll see how these predictions look at the end of the season!  Until then, let’s enjoy the football season getting underway!

As always, we welcome your comments and thoughts.  Who is your Super Bowl pick this year?











2 thoughts on “2015 NFL Predictions!

  1. As Bob Lobel would say, I’ll give you a mulligan since this was written before the decision by Buffalo to name Tyrod Taylor starting QB over Cassel however I do agree that Manuel will be the starter by the middle of the year. Have to disagree with STL having the best defense though although I think they will be top 3. I was bullish on Buffalo last year and am even more so last year and perhaps my watching Hard Knocks has me biased to think Houston will have a stud defense.

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