Why Free Tom Brady?

Did Roger Goodell HELP Tom Brady’s Brand?

There are still many Patriots fans who can’t let go of Deflategate.  They still feel like Tom Brady was treated unfairly and suffered as a result of Roger Goodell’s decision on the four game suspension last season.  We all know the story.  The suspension did not stop Brady and he led the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl championship.  But, that wasn’t enough.  Patriots fans still want Goodell to suffer.  They want him to feel the pain when he visits Gillette Stadium on NFL Opening Night on September 7th.  As a result of Deflategate, Roger Goodell will never be less popular in New England…and Tom Brady went from being on Mount Rushmore of all-time Boston sports athletes to something even bigger.

Patriots Nation still wants to trash Goodell.  We can all debate the Deflategate decision for years and years, but this is no longer about that.  It’s now about the repercussions of the decision.  How many people now think Tom Brady is a cheater?  No one in New England, that’s for sure.  During Deflategate, the Patriots fans backing and support for Brady grew to a level that has never been matched by any other Boston athlete in history including Bobby Orr and Larry Bird.  Brady knew this.

While Brady’s play has remained at an elite level at an age where high performance is very rare, he has now taken full advantage of his popularity.  He sold cook books.  People bought them.  He sold mattresses.  People bought them.  He has even told us that his pajamas increase performance.  People bought them.  Why?  Not because people believe in the product.  It’s because they believe in Tom Brady.  Patriots fans are loyal and their going to follow the leader who has brought five trophies on Duck Boat tours in February.  In New England, there isn’t a day that goes by without a story about Tom Brady.  His Facebook and Instagram posts are all over the news.  At least once a week, we hear another story about Brady playing into his mid-40’s.

And the fans can’t get enough of all of it.

Let’s be clear.  Tom Brady has earned everything through his achievements.  He’s also a smart businessman.  With that said, Deflategate helped Tom Brady’s brand.  He became bigger than an athlete.  He’s the most popular person in New England and there isn’t a close second.  Promoting Tom Brady’s brand was certainly not Roger Goodell’s intention, but that’s exactly what happened here.  Yet, he’s the guy that still can’t even vacation in New England without catching heat from Patriots fans.  Brady can do no wrong.  He’s viewed as Superman.  A Man of Steel who isn’t human who was treated unfairly.  That’s what Goodell’s decision led to.

Tom Brady wins…again.

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