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Boston sports fans are passionate about the home teams.  We care enough about these teams that we debate players, discuss possible trades, and even sit in a parking lot for four hours before a game to get together to support the home team.  There have been some outstanding moments that we’ll always remember, especially over the past 15 years. 2004, Vinatieri, Celtics vs. Lakers…  There have also been moments to forget. Boone, Tyree, Manningham…

Our family and friends have spent a good amount of time debating sports and sharing opinions.  We have often often wondered why we spend so much time talking about sports, but the reason is simple.  It brings us closer.  We enjoy discussing these topics and we have a lot of fun doing it.  Nine championships in 15 years also has helped make it fun!

We created First Score Boston to share opinions about Boston sports topics.  The site is intended to be unique in that we’re looking to give the reader something that may not have been considered on a specific topic.  We hope you enjoy First Score Boston!