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Prior to the NBA on ABC featured game on Saturday Night, the analysts gave their opinions on whether or not the Boston Celtics will be in the NBA Finals in 2018.  The topic made sense as the Celtics and Warriors where going to kickoff the Saturday Night featured games on this network.  The top seed in the East vs. the top seed in the West.  With that said, it was still being viewed as a lopsided matchup.  During the pregame show, rather than pointing out what the Celtics have done to position themselves as the #1 team in the East, the focus was on the Celtics offensive flaws.  Highlights of the Celtics missing open shots and struggling to move the ball were shown and picked apart.  If you didn’t see the standings and simply watched this footage, one would have thought they were watching a lottery team.

Typical.  The same exact lack of respect is frequently showcased on TNT with Charles Barkley at the forefront.  “Sir Charles” has made statements that the Celtics aren’t even a top four team in the East.  Suggestion:  Watch the games!

The Celtics lost an excellent game to the Warriors 109-105 last night.  The game was back and forth throughout.  The Warriors needed 49 points for Stephen Curry to pull out a four point win.  Certainly, a win here would have made a huge statement to the Warriors and the naysayers.  However, they made a statement regardless in the way they played and hung with the Warriors.  The Warriors played very well last night and the just snuck by the Celtics…and they were at home.  The Celtics were without Marcus Smart and, of course, Gordon Hayward.  Kyrie Irving played an incredible game.  He had 37 points on 13 for 18 shooting and was matching Curry shot for shot up until the final minute of the game.

The message the Celtics sent to the pregame “experts”.  EAT CROW.  Keep up the comments about this team not being ready to take the next steps.  It’s perfect.  This team is on the rise and primed to win now.  One of the best teams of all time in the Golden State Warriors is learning this very quickly.  They know that the Celtics match up better against them than any team in the NBA.  They also know that the Celtics are their greatest threat to continue their dynasty going into the next few years.

“Sir Charles” – The Celtics are here and they’re sticking around for a while.  Get used to it.

After watching last night’s game, would most NBA fans want to see the Cavs vs. Warriors for the fourth straight year or watch a series of games like we saw in the two meetings between the Celtics and Warriors this year?

Sorry Lebron.  Your time in the spotlight is over.  Kyrie will be going to the Finals for the fourth straight year.  Enjoy watching.  Perhaps you can join the NBA on ABC pregame crew for the Finals as they breakdown the Celtics flawed plays on their way to the NBA Finals.

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  1. Charles was tripping. Boston is good, young, and deep, but they don’t have the shooters that G’S does. Just wait until the playoffs come. I believe the Dubs are not really focused on the regular season. Just wait til layoff time.

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