Baltimore Fine Whine

The Red Sox and Orioles feud on the field continued this week and MLB wants to put a stop to it.  Both teams have played a part in this, but there’s one team that wants you to think they’re not guilty.  It’s the team that hasn’t had a batter hit by a pitch.  It’s the team that hasn’t had a player injured as a result of retaliations.  It’s the team that hasn’t had a player suspended.  It’s the team that started this entire thing.  The Baltimore Orioles.

The Orioles want you to think that they have been treated unfairly in all of this.  Their ring leader, Manny Machado, has led the charge with the constant whining.  Ironically, he’s the one that started it.  He slid into Dustin Pedroia’s knee with his spikes up which is a big no no.  Pedroia was injured.  Luckily, he only missed a few games.  Everyone, including the Orioles, knew there was going to be retaliation.  Why?  Because that’s how baseball works.  If you take out a player on a dirty play, you’re going to get it right back.  But, no.  Not Manny Machado.  Matt Barnes went too high.  It wasn’t how it was supposed to be done.  But, after all, Machado didn’t get hit.  In the aftermath, one would have though he was out for the season the way the Orioles reacted.  The series ended and this week’s series with the Red Sox was on the horizon.

So, what did the Orioles do?  They hit Mookie Betts.  But, let’s discuss how they did it.  They did it in a two run game with the red hot Hanley Ramirez on deck.  Surely, they would not hit someone intentionally in a game that close, right?  Well, they did.  They tried to do it a sneaky way where there would be questions about whether or not it was intentional.  Why?  Because this is how the Orioles do things.

Dan Duquette stated on Wednesday that  “our guys didn’t go out and hit the Red Sox best hitters.  The organization doesn’t encourage that and Buck doesn’t allow that.  And that’s the way we play baseball.”

It turns out that Duquette still just as much of a fraud as he was when he was General Manager of the Red Sox.  Not only did his team hit the Red Sox best hitters, they hit the second best player in the American League last year in Mookie Betts.  Another Baltimore whiner.

Chris Sale took a much different approach than the Orioles did hitting Betts.  He wasn’t going to be sneaky and hide.  He stood on the mound and threw at Machado’s legs on the first pitch that he had the opportunity.  The Orioles didn’t like that.  In other words, they can drill Mookie Beets square in the hip.  However, if Machado gets a pitch near the legs, it’s a big problem for them.  Machado went on a big tirade after the game on Tuesday about how he has “lost respect  for that organization, that coaching staff and everyone over there.”

Do you know who MLB fans should really lose respect for?  Manny Machado.  That’s right.  The guy that started this and now whines every chance he gets about the retaliation.  The Orioles expect that their sneaky ways of attempting to hit batters is better than the Chris Sale way.  Their GM wants you to think that they’re clean and they do things the right way while your Red Sox are not.

Do you know which team hasn’t complained from Day 1?  The Boston Red Sox.  The team that continues to get all of the heat for the mess that the Baltimore Orioles started.

Guess who had a pitch up around his ear last night?  The Red Sox “best hitter” this year.  Andrew Benintendi.  But, Dan Duquette and the whining Baltimore Orioles want you to believe that they don’t hit the best hitters.

Leadership by example, Dan.



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