First Score Boston’s Top 10 Posts In 2016

2016 is coming to end.  It was another very good year from a Boston sports standpoint.  However, it ended with no championships.  Still, there were two elite team in the Red Sox and Patriots who contended and ended the year with promise heading towards 2017.  A Super Bowl championship to start the new year is a strong possibility!  The Bruins and Celtics are not at the level yet, but they are competing and will hopefully give us something to cheer about this spring.  There were a lot of big stories over the course of the year.  In addition, we gave a historical perspective in many of our blog posts.

Entering our first full year, our goal was to give our readers something unique on a range of topics that you don’t read about every day.  We thank all our readers for your comments and support.  We’re always looking to improve and we appreciate your candid feedback.  Before we move on to 2017, here’s our opinion on our Top Ten posts of 2016!  These are the posts that we believe best defined First Score Boston.  Happy New Year!


#10.  Titletown Ten: Top Ten QB’s To Start NFL Team With – November 13, 2016


#9.  An Official Problem In MLB – May 8, 2016


#8.  Best Year In Boston Sports?  1986 vs. 2004 – May 1, 2016


#7.  It’s Time To Appreciate Drew Bledsoe, Boston – December 2, 2016


#6.  Titletown Ten:  The Most Underrated Players In Boston Sports – February 14, 2016


#5.  1986 Boston Celtics:  The Best NBA Team Ever – April 24, 2016


#4.  Life After Papi: A Look Towards 2017 – August 17, 2016


#3.  Why Larry Bird Was Better Than Lebron James – January 17, 2016


#2.  A Celtics Pitch To Kevin Durant – June 26, 2016


#1.  Thank You Papi (For Changing Boston) – October 1, 2016



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