Gronk Money Grab

He wants us to be fooled into thinking he’s going to retire…

He wants us to believe that he’s going to go into the WWE…

He wants us to believe that he wants to make movies…

Why?  Because he wants the New England Patriots to open up their wallets.

Since the Super Bowl, the story of “what’s next” with Rob Gronkowski has been dominating the Boston sports scene.  This during a time where both the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins are serious contenders to be playing championship games in June.  It’s also during a time where the Boston Red Sox landed J.D. Martinez making them a legitimate threat in the American League.  There’s a lot to be happy about right now.  These stories should be at the top in Boston sports.

Instead, Boston Sports Nation is getting fooled by a player who is looking for a renegotiation of his contract.  We’re hearing reports from sources and reading tweets by Gronk which lead us to wonder what exactly is going on.

It’s all a negotiation ploy and the New England Patriots fans are the ones that have to suffer through this fabrication.

Gronkowski is using his talents and his leverage to his advantage here which he has every right to do.  He’s currently the fourth highest paid tight end in the NFL.  He clearly should be the #1 paid TE by a lot. But, is it really necessary to go about it that way?  To threaten retirement?  To threaten to leave?  All it does is create unnecessary publicity.  Is it that he wants the spotlight on himself?

Frankly, this story is getting old and something has to give very soon.  We keep getting these hints and all Gronkowski is doing is leaving the media and fans in the dust wondering what his next move will be.

If he really was going to the WWE, going to try to be the next Academy Award winner, or going to retire he would have already made that decision.  It’s understandable that he wouldn’t make it right after a crushing Super Bowl loss if he were serious about a change.  However, that decision does not take more than a month.  He wants to stay with the Patriots and break the bank.  It’s a message to the Patriots to make it happen and they will.

Let’s stop stalling here and this goes for both sides.  Pay Gronk his money so we can move on from this silly story.  There’s a lot to talk about in Boston sports in the short term with two teams poised for playoff success and another kicking off the 2018 MLB season.  Not to mention Patriots mini-camp will be right around the corner.

Stop speculating.  Get it done.  We’re done with the WWE talk.

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