How The MIGHTY Have FALLEN In New York

They have nothing left to hang on to.  Their sports teams are not contenders.  All they have left is a glimmer of hope that their mighty baseball team which is rich in history will return to the glory days.


That’s what they say.  It’s a number that in their view is one of power and high status.  To Boston Red Sox fans, it’s become a number that we sadly hear with hopes that it may again result in a rivalry.

The Red Sox have won four World Series since the last time the Yankees were relevant.  Since that time of the last Yankee dynasty about 20 years ago, Boston sports teams have won 11 championships.  This doesn’t sit well with New Yorkers so the end result it all they have left… “27”.

So, why is this post coming out now and not after the Red Sox won their fourth World Series since 2004?

During this past week, I was on vacation in Florida.  I wore my Red Sox hat proudly despite the Red Sox putrid start to the season.  Years ago, I would wear the hat in preparation for verbal assault.



It was the worst.  There was really no comeback.  Yankees fans had us and they knew it.  There was really nothing we could do about it.  We tried to fight back, but we acknowledged that there wasn’t much of a debate and that the Yankees had the upper hand.

You see.  It’s really laughable how much better the sports teams in Boston are overall than New York…and the fact that the Red Sox have the upper hand on the Yankees is the icing on the cake.  All four Boston sports teams are contenders for titles every season…and the last two sports titles were returned to…you guessed it.  Boston.  New York has the Knicks.  The Rangers.  The Jets!

Back to the Florida story.  During the trip, I actually got two “27” comments from Yankees fans! Absolutely pathetic!  After 15+ years of the Red Sox having the upper hand, the Yankee fans just can’t take it.  They’re holding onto the Great Bambino, The Mick, Joe D., Reggie, Paulie, and Derek.  The glory days will always prevail over today’s reality.

After the Red Sox blew past the Yankees last October including a 16-1 thumping in Yankee Stadium en route to another World Series title, it sealed the deal.  The Boston Red Sox don’t only have the upper hand, but they’re in the Yankees fans heads.  This is what we all once dreamed of 20 years ago and it has now become a reality.

“27” is meaningless at this point.  It’s a sign of weakness and a sign that the New Yorkers have nothing left to hang onto in sports debates with Bostonians.

They can only hope that Zion Williamson can one day return the Knicks to the glory days of almost 50 years ago.

Can you ever imagine a Celtics fan using “17” for bragging rights?


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