NBA Parity: A Competition Of Failure

As the Celtics head into Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Cavs on Friday Night, talk of a sweep has already been hitting The Hub for the past two days…after one game.  That’s the NBA.  It’s a league that’s severely flawed.  While the league has always been based on elite teams with star players, it has reached new lows over the past few years and it has created a huge problem.  There’s a severe lack of competition.  We’re in the Conference Finals and there is talk of sweeps after just a game in both conferences.  There’s a chance it will happen and the Cavs and Warriors will battle in the NBA Finals for the third straight year.

The NBA is built around elite teams and it always has been.  In the 80’s it was the Celtics and the Lakers.  In the 90’s it was the Bulls.  In the 2000’s, it was the Lakers and Spurs.  However, there was a big difference then.  Even the elite teams had a tough road to win and while they were usually favorites, there was always at least a chance that they could be knocked off in their respective conference.  In the 80’s, the Celtics had to get past championship teams such as the Sixers and Pistons just to get to the Lakers.  They even had seven-game series against the Bucks and Hawks.  In the 90’s, the Bulls had to get past a championship Pistons team and the Knicks and Pacers were legitimate teams.  The Spurs and Lakers had to battle each other on several occasions.  The path had a lot of obstacles…and it made the run more interesting.

Now the league is built of two super teams who recruit players to build a championship roster.  Lebron James jumped ship in Miami when he knew Dwayne Wade was getting old and joined another All Star Team in Cleveland.  Kevin Durant joined the Warriors to get a title on a team where he isn’t even the best player.  How’s that for a legacy?  So, now, for the third straight year, we’re left with the Warriors and Cavs in the Finals.  Make no mistake.  It will be a great matchup.  However, there has been no suspense in this year’s playoffs and the games simply aren’t as fun to watch when you know the outcome.  Sports are built on competition and this league simply doesn’t have it.  Simply put, this league is a joke.  A mockery.  A two-team league.

Imagine in the NHL that a team got to the Conference Finals and a sweep would seem like almost a sure thing after one game?  How about in the NFL?  As great as the Patriots have been has there been a season where fans would say that there is no chance of them getting beat?  How about MLB?  Didn’t think so.

Get ready, fans.  Cavs vs. Warriors Round 3 for the third straight year.  At least the favored team will have a chance at losing a game.  We had to wait two months of dull playoffs with no drama for it.

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