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Chris Sale to the Red Sox.  Wow!  What looked to be a potentially dull offseason changed dramatically on Tuesday.  The Red Sox started the day by trading Travis Shaw and prospects for Tyler Thornberg.  Thornberg projects to the Red Sox set up man after posting a 2.15 ERA in 67 innings with the Brewers last season.  There was excitement in Red Sox Nation.  The hot stove season had begun.  Then during the lunch break the big news of the day hit Beantown.  The Red Sox traded Yoan Moncada, Michael Kopech and additional prospects to the White Sox for Chris Sale.  Whoa!

So, let’s start with this.  Sale is a top five pitcher in all of MLB.  He’s a player that the Red Sox have coveted for a long time.  This past offseason, it was rumored that the White Sox wanted Mookie Betts and Andrew Benintendi for Sale.  At the end of the day, they ended up with Moncada and Kopech.  Big difference!  If we had said prior to the offseason that the Red Sox would land Sale without giving up any starting players from their big league roster, we would have said it was a steal.  And, that’s exactly what this was.  Moncada may end up being an elite MLB player, but when you have a chance like to gain a known elite commodity, you make the move.  Dave Dombrowski got it done.

The Red Sox, who had the top offense in Major League Baseball last year, now also have the best starting rotation in baseball.  

  1. Chris Sale
  2. David Price
  3. Rick Porcello
  4. Eduardo Rodriguez
  5. Steven Wright

Not to mention they also have Drew Pomeranz and Clay Buchholz.  In 2015, the Red Sox had Buchholz start on Opening Day.  Now he’s their #6 or 7 starter.  Think about that.  The Red Sox have three pitchers who were All Stars last year…and they have Rick Porcello and David Price.  What a difference 18 months makes!

This is a huge win for the Red Sox.  Not only did they not have to give up a lot to land Sale, but they also don’t have to pay him what he’s worth.  He’s signed through 2019 for a grand total of $39.5 million dollars.  That’s just a bit more than David Price is making per season!  And, speaking of Price, he now has the pressure taken off of him.  He doesn’t have to be the guy.  He doesn’t have to the ace.  He just has to go out and pitch.  Here’s thinking that Price has a much better season next year and gets back to the 2015 level he was at with the Blue Jays when he led the league with a 2.45 ERA.  Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that the AL Cy Young Award Winner, Rick Porcello, is the Red Sox #3 starter.

With this move, the Red Sox are going to be a top World Series contender over the next three years.  From a pure talent standpoint, it’s the Cubs, the Red Sox, and everyone else.

This is potentially the best team the Red Sox have ever had.  Their roster is loaded with elite talent both in the regular lineup and the pitching staff.

Thank you, White Sox.  You just helped create a team that is going to be very difficult to beat.


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