Price – Eck Fallout Showcases “Farrelling” Red Sox

The big story of the day is the David Price and Dennis Eckersley story in the Boston Globe by Dan Shaughnessy.  You all know the story by now.  Eckersley is more opinionated than most Red Sox analysts.  He says it how it is.  When Eduardo Rodriguez pitched a dreadful game in a AAA rehab start, Eckersley’s reaction was “Yuck”.  This reportedly prompted David Price to wait for Eckersley on a team flight and to state “Here he is, the greatest pitcher who ever lived!  This game is easy for him!”  Surely, this is not the type of commentary a pitcher who is 1-8 in MLB postseason starts should be stating to a MLB Hall of Famer who pitched in the big leagues for 24 seasons.  Price also had additional comments swearing at Eck.

But, that’s not all.

It was also reported that many of the Red Sox players were applauding Price.  He had support from his teammates for this cowardly act  Why?  Because an MLB Hall of Famer had the nerve to be critical (if you want to call it that) of a player?  Because he didn’t cater to this enabled baseball team?  Frankly, Price should be ashamed of himself, but there’s a lot more to this story than that.  Both Dave Dombrowski and John Farrell were on the plane and witnessed the whole thing.  It’s certainly not Dombrowski’s place to step in there.

But, what about “Manager John” as Price would call him?  According the report, not only did Farrell not do anything about this situation, but he also offered no apology to Eckersley at any time.  This is the man that is leading the Boston Red Sox, folks.  A man who enables his players to be whiners and not accept criticism.  Farrell simply let it happen and it’s because he has zero control over his team.




Remember when the Red Sox hired Farrell prior to the 2013 season?  It was said that his greatest strength was having command of the clubhouse and setting standards for the team.  Oops!  This team’s lack of accountability and inability to accept criticism is not specific to Price.  It’s resonated within many players on the team and the manager has done NOTHING about it.

Can you imagine what happened on the Red Sox flight happening on a Patriots flight with Bill Belichick on it?  No chance.  How about on a Celtics flight with Brad Stevens?  Nope.  Good coaches and typically usually good leaders as well and they set a clear example and have standards for their players.  They also are accountable.  Everyone has to follow the rules or there are consequences.

But, not on your Boston Red Sox.  There are no rules here.  You do and say what you please even to a MLB Hall of Famer who went through more adversity in the game of baseball than any player on the Red Sox team.  That earns you a mocking by the team with the manager sitting there doing nothing by it.  The Red Sox players who applauded showed they are guys in their 20’s and 30’s who can bully a baseball legend in his 60’s.  It likely wasn’t everyone and one would have to think there were surely players who didn’t agree with the applause.

Congratulations, “Manager John”.  This is the standard you have set for the Boston Red Sox.

“Farrelling” in the Urban dictionary is said to be originated from a “lazy person”.  Sounds about right.  Not so much lazy baseball players.  This team has a lot of good ones who are very talented and give a great effort on the field.  However, many players on this team are very lazy with handling problems and adversity.  Why?  Because they don’t have a leader.  They don’t have a manager.  They don’t have any standards.

The Red Sox are “Farrelling”.  For this team, the baseball meaning is a team that is loaded with talent who is full of enabled players.  Chicken and beer in 2012 ring a bell?!  The applause for David Price was likely just one of many times this was showcased in recent years.

So, what’s next?  The Red Sox will continue to contend and will probably win the AL East.  They can win on talent alone.  That’s how good they are.  However, if they cannot handle a comment of “Yuck”, they aren’t going to be able to handle the ups and downs of a MLB playoff run.  This may explain their three and out last year.

The Boston Red Sox collectively should be completely embarrassed and ashamed with how Dennis Eckersley was treated by David Price, the pompous ball players who applauded, and a ghost of a manager.


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