He was just another player on the team.  One of the 53 guys.  Despite early success in his career, Tom Brady was a very unique superstar.  He didn’t care about publicity.  He didn’t want attention.  He sat in the shadows of the public eye while Peyton Manning was the face of the NFL from a marketing standpoint.  The PATRIOTS and their fans didn’t care.  The Pats had three rings, the best coach in football, and the best quarterback in football.  And the focus was always just that…PATRIOTS football.

Earlier this week, every local news channel had Tom Brady in the headlines.  It was not because Brady was preparing for a Divisional Round Playoff matchup vs, the Titans.  Instead, the big story was “Tom vs. Time”.  For those who have been living under a rock, “Tom vs. Time” is a documentary on Tom Brady’s life including his preparation for another Super Bowl title.  In the trailer for this six part series on Facebook, Brady stated “you only have so much energy and the clock is ticking on all of us.  If you’re going to compete against me, you better be willing to give up your life.  Because I’m giving up mine.”

Translation:  My name is Tom Brady and I’m better than you.

Let’s pause here.

Boston Sports Fans – If Lebron James came out with a six part documentary about himself and stated that you better be “willing to give up your life” to compete against him, what would your response be?

Attention getter.  Craves the spotlight.  Self-centered.  Cares more about his personal brand than his team.

All of the above.

In regarding to self promotion, Tom Brady is no different than Lebron James.  If anything, he’s worse.  His personal brand, TB12, has changed Brady.  Many would argue that TB12 has made Brady a better football player.  That argument could be made after two more Super Bowl titles and elite play over the past three seasons.  With that said, Tom Brady is no longer just one of the 53 guys.  He’s bigger than that.  He knows it and he’s taking full advantage of it.  Tom Brady is now bigger than the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS and his self promotion is the reason why.

“Tom vs. Time” is just the latest example of Brady’s demand for attention.  He’s very active in social media.  He posts videos which are rarely about the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.  Instead, they’re about TB12.  He’s selling his products and his brand.  During his Patriots press conferences, up until about two months ago, Tom Brady would be seen at the podium with a TB12 hat and a TB12 shirt.

A TB12 hat and shirt.  NOT a NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS hat and shirt.  TOM…not TEAM.

Up until about two months ago…

Interestingly, over the past two months, we have not seen as much of the TB12 gear during Brady’s press conferences.  We have even seen a PATRIOTS winter hat.  So, what changed?  Well, it’s interesting that the gear change coincided with Alex Guerrero’s ban from the Patriots sidelines and road trips.  Apparently, Bill Belichick is not a Guerrero fan.  Perhaps, he’s not a fan of the TB12 brand and wants the focus on the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS.

The media has been digesting a rift between the Brady/Bob Kraft camp and Bill Belichick over the past week.  The came after ESPN released an article which had specific stories regarding the PATRIOTS including what led to the Garoppolo trade.  Only the three of them know the full details.  It could be nothing.  It could mean that Belichick has had enough of a player being bigger than the team.  That’s really what it comes down to.  If Belichick was told he had to trade Jimmy Garoppolo and he didn’t think it was best for the team, it means just that.  One player and his personal brand is bigger than the team…

…and that one player has had zero reservations with letting the world know that.

Tom vs. Time – TBD on Facebook

PATRIOTS vs. Titans – Saturday Night at Gillette Stadium, home of the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS


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