In Bill We….QUESTION???

He’s arguably the greatest NFL coach of all time.  He reached a god-like status amongst Patriots Nation.  He even was applauded when he gave us nothing when it came to insight on the team.  Win at any expense.

In Bill We Trust we called it…

Until February 5, 2018.

18 season as Head Coach of the New England Patriots.

Five Super Bowl Titles.

Eight AFC Titles.

15 AFC East Titles.

214 Wins

.743 Winning %.

This was all thrown out the window by the majority of Patriots Nation Sunday Night following the Eagles 41-33 win of the Patriots in Super Bowl LII.  The Patriots lost to a better team in the Eagles.  The game was a shootout.  Both offenses were outstanding.  Both defenses were pathetic.  This one was coming down to the end and was going to be a matter of which team made the plays in the last five minutes.  Nick Foles and the Eagles made them.  Tom Brady and the Patriots did not.

The story after the game and on Monday was that Bill Belichick cost the Patriots the Super Bowl because he benched Malcolm Butler.

Think about that.  Bill Belichick.  The same guy that would do anything to gain a competitive advantage.  The same guy who is well known for over preparing and finding the holes in his opponents.  The same guy that brought set a precedent of winning with rules and accountability for the Patriots Team that created a winning culture for the organization…for eighteen years.

For eighteen years, Belichick has made moves that the average fan would think are questionable.  He sat Corey Dillon.  The benched Wes Welker.  He traded Randy Moss.  Why?  Because he felt it was in the best interest of the team.  Every time Belichick has made a questionable move, we all have remembered the five titles and the winning culture that has continued for almost two decades.

In Bill We Trust.

NOW we’re going to question him?!  Because of Malcolm Butler?!  We don’t know the specifics about why Butler did not play in the game.  Belichick, as always, is not sharing those details with us.  For years, we have loved this about Belichick.  We have mocked and ridiculed the media for not getting answers out of him and thoroughly enjoy the fact that he provides no information…in the best interest of the team.  But, not now.  Now we demand answers!  We want a change after 18 years.

Well, it looks like you may be getting that change pretty soon, Patriots Nation.  The Patriots ripped the great Josh McDaniels out of the Indianapolis Colts hands on Tuesday.  The rumor is that McDaniels will be the next in line after Belichick.  This may be as soon as next year.  After what Belichick pulled in the Super Bowl, this is great news for many Patriots fans!  Many want Belichick out NOW.  The word “fire” has been heard frequently on this topic this past week.  We have JOSH!

This is the same Josh McDaniels who had a record of 11-17 as the head coach of the Denver Broncos…

The same Josh McDaniels who had the 32nd ranked offense as the offensive coordinator of the St. Louis Rams.  That’s dead last…

This is the guy that’s going to succeed the best coach in NFL history?  This is what we want?  McDaniels over Belichick because of Malcolm Butler?

This week, the talk of the Patriots success over the past eighteen years has been frequently discussed.  We’re hearing more and more that the Patriots have won five Super Bowls simply because they have Tom Brady.  Brady carried Bill Belichick and the Patriots.  Bill was just along for the ride.

Here are the Patriots offensive and defensive scoring ranks in each of their Super Bowl Championship seasons:

2001:  Defense #6, Offense #19

2003:  Defense #1, Offense #17

2004:  Defense #2, Offense #7

2014:  Offense #4, Defense #8

2016:  Defense #1, Offense #4


The New England Patriots have never won a Super Bowl without a top 8 rated defense.

The New England Patriots had a higher ranked defense than offense in four of five championship seasons.

The New England Patriots won two Super Bowls with an offense rated in the bottom half of the NFL.

The New England Patriots won three Super Bowls in seasons where their defense was ranked #1 or #2 in the NFL.

The New England Patriots have never won a Super Bowl in a season where their offense was rated in the top 3 in the NFL.


But, Brady carried Belichick…

Be careful what you wish for, Patriots Nation…and consider if your instant reaction without knowing the facts about Malcolm Butler is worth changing your opinion on the legacy of a coach whose success may never be repeated.  Here or anywhere.

Just remember…when Josh McDaniels takes over…Bill Belichick is not walking through that door.

#32 in offense in one season as offensive coordinator without Bill Belichick.

Dead Last…






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